Web directory about Thailand : it containt 1113 websites divided into 15 sections and 127 classes - the largest database on the land of smiles. Do not hesitate to propose new websites related to this topic.

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Registration on this directory is completely free and no link back is required (even if it is appreciated). Please carefully complete the submission before registration form: All ads are checked before publication and announcements not respecting the chart below will be systematically refused. You will receive an email with a link for changing your ad. Note that any change causes a release of suspended time that a validity check to be conducted by the administrator.

Conditions of validation - read carefully before suggesting a site

Your website must be good quality, have a real interest for our visitors and be in the theme of this directory that is dealing with a topic related to Thailand.

You must submit your site to the most appropriate categories - from 1 to 3 categories per site.

Finally, you must write carefully your email address: a link allowing you to change at any time the information about your website will be sent to you.

The ads do not meet the above criteria will be deleted without explanation. The site administrator reserves the right to edit / delete the ad from your site at any time without notice.

Why register your site in this directory?

The inclusion in this directory has two interests:

  • improve visibility and therefore generate traffic: 3 023 420 visits were generated to the sites listed in this directory to the current date, 19/05/2024 ;
  • improve your online reputation by increasing your number of incoming links.

To fulfill the second objective, you must provide a long description (250 words minimum) and good quality. So plan time to write. We recommend that you write your text on dedicated software and copy and paste your text into the registration form once you have fully prepared. Sites with description than 250 words will automatically have a dedicated page with a hard link. The other will be listed in this directory but without dedicated page, with a link to the site "nofollow".

Writing rules

The title and description should be written with care (layout, syntax, punctuation, spelling, accents ...). Do use the uppercase only for beginnings of sentences, proper names and abbreviations. Make a written description and not a series of keywords.

If you want your site to appear on a dedicated page with a hard link, avoid duplication of content: offer unique texts (no copy / paste of a description specified on the Internet including your own website. A tool allowing you to check this aspect:: http://www.positeo.com/check-duplicate-content/

The banned sites

The ads for the following sites will be systematically refused:

  • Websites whose theme is unrelated to the theme of this directory: only sites about to Thailand will be accepted
  • The Websites under construction;
  • Link farms: Websites whose main purpose is to point to a series of other sites;
  • The websites with illegal content or promotes illegal activity;
  • The Websites for adults: pornographic Websites, adult dating Websites, go-go bars Websites or sexual massage...

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